Meta Sabian #2


Jean Esther, Bruce Jones & D.L. Nuskey

Magazine Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 46

Format Clear
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The Meta Sabian series begins with the introduction of one of the main characters, Akin, who is first seen while receiving visions of an ancient past and begins to follow the instructed path of a mysterious voice, claiming to have the answers in which he seeks. While following this path he uncovers some secret information about the government”s plans for their publicized cloning project. This results in the infiltration of an underground facility that was thought to no longer be in use. Upon entering the facility Akin takes information from within the building, which triggers an alarm forcing him to fight his way out of a five on one situation, narrowly escaping capture. After escaping he then retreats out of the city. Before he can even rest, Akin encounters three
mysterious beings that telepathically insisted he go along with them.

The three artists, Jean Esther, Bruce Jones & D.L. Nuskey, had come up with the idea for the comic around 2009 after meeting up in college and working on other projects prior to Meta Sabian. As a collective of artists work under the creative art company called Art Corner, working on commission drawings/paintings, logo designs, murals, photography and teaching art lessons. The Meta Sabian book is created as a fully collaborative effort between the three artists from the panels and covers to the side columns and main writing of the story. Throughout the creation of the book there will be uses of multiple different mediums, giving Meta Sabian various styles that will appear for the panels and covers from time to time in the book. Expect to see uses of acrylic paints, oil paints, ink wash, air brush, pointillism, chalk & charcoal drawings, and everything getting a digital color added to it before appearing in the book.

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