Mashbone & Grifty #1


Oscar Garza, Rolando Esquivel

Manga Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

It’s Mashbone and Grifty’s first night as a real-ish Detective Agency, and they are already in over their heads with a real life kidnapping case! Can these Private Dopes save the day, even if it means crossing the baddest mang in town? EEJOLE!

Mexican Crime Lords! La Llorona! Vengeful Ex’s! THE CITY NEEDS HEROES! Unfortunately, all it has is a cowardly sad-sack and a simple-minded monkey-man. MASHBONE & GRIFTY, inspired by 80’s Action flicks, take to the streets to fight crime and solve mysteries the only way a pair of untrained, unlicensed Private Detectives can: BADLY!

Format Clear
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