Masaru Monkey Tales #2


Monkey Tales

Preston Skylar Owen,Sara Problem

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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What It's About

Tamiko and her roommates Jin-Ho and Mitsuki encounter various demons as they perfect their art, when they must protect a young boy and his pet pig from his guardian and a Warthog entity that has terrorized the farmstead. Meanwhile, the Shimada sisters get one step closer to unraveling a family mystery of the death of their sister.

Tamiko Yami was born sightless after a tragedy which left her an orphan. A secret order of monks recognized her as a current incarnation of Masaru: the demon fighting Monkey deity, and trained her in the art of fighting and exorcism, honing her abilities to a superhuman level. As her journey begins, Tami seeks to find her family, not realizing that demons of many forms impede her path…

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