Masaru #1


Monkey Tales

P. Skylar Owens

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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What It's About

After being rescued from demons at the grave site of her sister, Seiko Shimada looks into the identity of the young girl monk, known only as ‘Tomi’. As she delves into one mystery, another begins to unfold between her father and ‘Akindo Yokai’ the trader demon of Dreams and Souls. Can Seiko untangle the threads of her family and end the threat of the Demon of Dreams? Tomiko Yami’s life in the Japanese orphanage was anything but typical. Blinded at birth, she never knew her parents, yet the administrators allowed special training from the Yamaguchi Temple. Little did the World at large know that there was a chosen destiny of the girl to be the human embodiment of the Demon-fighting, Monkey-God known as MASARU!
Format Clear
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