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Mantis Man #6

After gaining powers from both a praying mantis and an ancient Japanese medallion, high school student Brando Rosati gets trained from his sensei master Ming Zu- the owner of the medallion, in ninjutsu and bushido. Then dedicates his life-fighting crime and saving lives while still being trained by his sensei, as the emerald god Mantis Man.

Brandon M. Rutter

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 40

Brando Rosati goes out on another date with his dream girl love interest, Miranda McCall. Meanwhile, as his, alter ego persona Mantis Man, he deals with another gang who calls themselves “The Hive” and in the end, encounters a mysterious man, whom he”s never seen before, who told him, that he has a hit out on him! Will this mystery man, be able to get the best of Mantis Man?



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