Magik Manx Dark Beginnings #1


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Adults only. Magik Manx the Elven magician is brought on trail before the great king of Alder, his home-world, for crimes taboo and profane. As Magik Manx awaits his fate, he must relive uncomfortable memories of his harsh past and face judgment in the royal court. In this first chapter of Dark Beginnings, bare witness to the origins of Magik Manx. Learn about his family, his education as a magician, and the birth of an obsession that will change the course of his entire life. The origins of Magik Manx, inter-dimensional criminal and mischievous magician, are revealed in the pages of Magik Manx: Dark Beginnings! Hailing from the Elven planet of Alder, Magik Manx is an accomplished occultist with an intense hunger for divine knowledge. His goal is to unite with the infinite and enigmatic ruler of his universe, a dark, evil force only known as The Artist. Enter the Aghoriverse and enjoy the dark beginnings of Magik Manx.
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