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Lucky Lucy #1

After a pampered early life Lucy’s father died. Orphan Lucy ran off to join the circus where she learned a lot about the school of hard knocks as well a lot of special skills, both good and bad. “Lucky” Lucy Tilton isn’t just an acrobat and escape artiste extraordinaire, she’s secretly the thief also known as “Mouse.”

Piotr Czaplarski, Gary Anderson, Molly Whipple

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Lucky Lucy appeared to meet a cruel end in The Domme #2. Could she still be alive? If so can Lucy possibly escape death at the tentacles of the shoggoth of the swamp? And how can Lucy possibly extract revenge on her many nemeses: The Domme; Silencieux; Detective Chan and Possum? You will only read a comic this fast-paced and exciting once in a blue moon!

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