Life's A Beach Mirror Moves


Something has turned Avalon Beach upside down for our beloved beach bum Snugs! After a strange bolt of energy knocks him off his surfboard, foes become friends and friends become fiends. Can Snugs unravel the mystery before it becomes too late?

Gary Eckerson, Mike Lopez

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 12

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What It's About

“Life’s a Beach” is everyone’s summer vacation dreams turned up to eleven and printed on dynamically colored comic book pages. It’s a mix of your favorite classic TV comedies and comics peppered with a dash of Twilight Zone weirdness and then filtered through the zany minds of Mike Lopez and Gary Eckerson. Wax up your boards and get ready to ride the wild surf with the kooky kids of Avalon Beach! A brand new “Life’s a Beach” short explodes with excitement. As an added bonus, get a very first look at Gary Eckerson’s upcoming science fiction project “Without Borders” with 3 pages of full-color concept art and character designs.

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