Let’s go to Utah! #7


Dave Chisholm

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

What it's About

Dave is an average 18-year old kid living in California, until he begins having horrific dreams that always end in Utah. At his wits end, he decides that the only way to make the dreams end is to take a trip to Utah. The thing is, the only person who will drive Dave to Utah is Leif–a friend of a friend of a friend. Leif is full of unpredictable behavior–and by unpredictable behavior, I mean he kind of KILLS people. Is Leif crazy? Is there a method to Leif’s madness? Why is he so awesome? Will young Dave ever get to Utah? Why Utah? When we last left our two heroes, they were poisoned by the lady with the winnebago. dave wakes up, but where is leif? Why are there snakes and zombies? The many mysterious plot elements start to gel in this issue.
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	Dave Chisholm


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