Legendary: The Chronicles Of Fayne #1


Fayne and her friends Bex, and Trenton are bored with their lives in the port city of Amburres. There is a chance for them to find some type of improvement when Trenton competes in the annual tests to attend the Mage’s Guild Academy. But nothing is ever as easy as it seems. When the mysterious Red Man enters the picture, things get very interesting indeed. Will Fayne and her friends find the adventure they so desperately seek?

Luke Newman, Katherine Poche

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

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What It's About

Kathka is a world of Magic, Adventure, and countless Legends of times long past. In the City of Amburres, a young girl named Fayne and her friends dream of a life more adventurous than what they already have. But, with an overprotective Uncle and Mother, Fayne’s chances of seeking adventure are slim to none. That is, until a string events sets her on a path to discover the wonders…and dangers….of the world she calls home. Will Fayne and her friends find greatness along the way…or, better yet, will they become legendary?

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