League Of Champions #002


The earliest issues of League of Champions are being made available in a brand-new revised and updated edition!

Dennis Mallonee, Pete McDonnell, Mark Beachum, Jim Valentino, Willie Blyberg, James Webb

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

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What It's About

First, the true origin of Dark Malice is revealed in the classic adventure, “Malice, Beginning and End,” by Dennis Mallonee, Pete McDonnell, and Mark Beachum. But though our heroes are greatly weakened, they aren’t about to give up the fight. It’s on in the second edition of the super-sized second issue of League of Champions. Also in this issue, an adventure of the original Giant. “The Dreaming Time” is by Dennis Mallonee, Jim Valentino, and Willie Blyberg. Plus! A new bonus adventure that didn’t appear in the original edition! “The Birth of the Winter Wonderlass” is by Dennis Mallonee and James Webb. Cover by Chris Marrinan, Al Gordon

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