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Just beyond the shadows of our menial lives lies a world that our subconscious knows to exist, but our conscious mind refuses to accept. In every facet of life there is a circle of life… a food chain. Modern science would like to state that for some odd reason humanity is above this pattern, but something inside each and every one of us knows this not to be true. Through the ages storytellers have tried to explain this experience, but because of a few wrong details or a medium not taken seriously the whole message was lost. The truth still remains that from humanity”s conception other beings were introduced to balance the food chain. These creatures still exist and have adapted in time as we have adapted in time. They live at the edge of our technological societies and use our ignorance of them to their advantage while hunting us from the darkness. Only a small open minded few are willing to learn enough to fight for humanity”s survival. Will you be one of those chosen few…?

Dumped in a landfill and left for dead, Ronnie has escaped her life of abuse. But discovering new abilities within herself, she takes it upon herself to return to her previous prison in hopes of rescuing her friends and possibly putting an end to the complete operation once and for all. Graphic violence & mature language.

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