Law & Disorder Gender Blender


Officer Max Fury and his trusty K-9 companion Bullet encounter a gender confused male in a female restroom at Podunk Punk.

Bill Hunt

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 12

What It's About

LAW & disorder!, a mini-graphic novel, follows the exploits and adventures of Officer Max Fury, his trusty K-9 companion Bullet, and the rest of the crew from the fictional Podunk P.D. Inspired by creator Bill Hunt”s childhood influences such as Mad Magazine, Cracked and National Lampoon, LAW & disorder! is not a collection of simple stories with obvious moral messages – unless you know where to look! Aesop’s Fables we most definitely ARE NOT! LAW & disorder! is unabashed satire and raw, unpredictable social commentary, guaranteed to have you asking, “WTF?!!!” In mini-graphic novel format, the Podunk P.D. crew tackles the hottest social issues of our day including, “Black Lives matter,” (Episode 1), “Radical Islam,” (Episode 2), “Transgenderism,” (Episode 3) “Environmentalism,” (Episode 4) and more, usually causing more problems than they solve. Do you want to ride along?Come on, you know you do.Welcome to the (very) Thin Blue Line!

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