Splendor Of Wound

Trinidad Escobar

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 52

What It's About

View San Francisco through a komik lens, the 52-page comic book weaves together stories inspired by five Pilipino Americans in San Francisco.

In 2014, Kularts commissioned cartoonist/poet Trinidad Escobar to create “Kwentóhan: Splendor of Wound,” as part of “Kwentóhan: Pinoy Stories in Pictures and Words Project,” which gives visual presence to the San Francisco Pilipino community and contextualizes the Pilipino American narrative through graphic illustrations. Throughout 2014-15, Kularts invited San Francisco residents and community members to tell us their unique Pilipino familial stories and experiences through online written submissions & participate in one-on-one interviews for a chance to inspire comic works. We hope that through the profound and lasting impact of visual art works and the participatory art making experience, we can provide a connection to our own sense of history and cultural pride, and give visual presence to our community.

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