Kuro Shouri #2


Manga Sized Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 166

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Hisaki and Yasha are an odd pair of friends: Hisaki is quiet, distant, and possibly keeping secrets from everyone, while Yasha is loud, violent, and in serious need of anger management. As they try to deal with each other, they soon find that creatures are after them for something they know nothing about: a demon supposedly hiding within one of them.

In search of this hidden demon, the savage bounty hunter Hasha appeared and attacked the pair in an attempt to claim the price on said demon”s head. After savagely beating Hisaki, the demonic mercenary tries to deliver the final blow. Something snaps within Yasha, and she exhibits a strange power that brings the confrontation with the sword-wielding demon to a close with frightening efficiency. In the aftermath of this supernatural attack, the two try to return to life as normal, despite injuries sustained during the fight. It seems that this was merely the beginning for Yasha and Hisaki, as other sinister, subtler forces are at work within Tokyo. When fellow classmate Kakon stumbles upon an alluring monster stalking the tunnels of the subway system, Hisaki and Yasha are drawn to investigate these strange happenings, only to find themselves within a nest of unusual vampires. With one demon almost killing the two friends, what chance do they have against a pack of bloodthirsty creatures?

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