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Kung Fu Engine #1


Steve Coffin

Standard Comic
28 pages
Full Color

A Secret Lab in the Kasparian Sea is taken over by hostile forces. Li Chan aided by Professor Chalk escapes into the night and joins with the Crew of the Salvage Ship Penelope. But time is running out as the Army and a Ninja Clan closes in on them…. Kung Fu Engine is a swashbuckling comedy Kung Fu adventure set in the Kasparian Sea. The world of Kung Fu Engine is a head on collision between Pirates, Kung Fu and Ninjas. Our story takes place on the Salvage Ship Penelope which is captained by Captain Johansen. The Penelope’s crew consists of Captain Johansen, Amber the Navigator, Spanners the Engineer and Carson the Cook. The dynamic of the crew is one of cooperative disorder. Our main character is Li Chan who is an escaped specimen from a Genetic Infantry Program. He has been scientifically altered and is endowed with a Molecular Level Combat Engine. Li is young and inexperienced but he is one hell of a fighter. We learn of his origins and powers as he joins with Captain Johansen’s crew on their adventures.



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