In another world, two sisters/two Queens fight over the prophecy that was heralded by the birth of an Albino child, which spoke of the end of a kingdom but the beginning of a new Empire.

P. Skylar Owens, Anias Gurl

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What It's About

To escape death the child was secretly sent to the savage nation of ‘Ubandaras’ to be taught the ways of a warrior Queen. No longer a child of the Icy North, she is now the white princess Kinde’.

The Northern Warrior Angar Ragnarok delivers the child Braenara Klanaad into the care of the jungle Queen Natiri. Raised in the savage ways, Braenara becomes the white princess Kinde’. But dark magic brews from her homeland, on the mission to end the threat of her foretold reign by her jealous aunt, Queen Cordina. A mysterious witchdoctor empowers the young girl with blossoming abilities, but will it be enough to save her future?


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