Killer Collection


Kenny Keen

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

Killer Collection is a horror anthology from writer/ artist Kenny Keen. The book features 4 short stories from Keen. STONES: This eerie thriller takes place out in an old country house with a mysterious past. There is more than meets the eye here as Tonya and her husband move in, she starts to see things… very strange things. The ghost of a young girl appears and wants to guide her to a secret that died along with the girl… but is Tonya prepared for what she is about to discover? FORTUNES CURSE: An emotionless hitman stops in for dinner after a night of taking out his targets. After dinner he opens his fortune cookie and reads his fortune. He gets a disturbing message intended only for him. Now the tables are suddenly turned as his past comes back to haunt him. REVENGE OF THE SPIDER: The Spider is a serial killer sentenced to death row for killing several teens many years ago. But when the time comes to pay the ultimate price for his sins, he escapes to seek out and find the one victim of his that got away. Will she be able to survive the revenge of the spider? ZONBI UPRISING: The word Zombi originated from the word Zonbi; which is from the Haitian Voodoo culture. In Haitian it means “spirit of the dead.” This bonus 5 page tale is the foundation of future stories to come. When all hell breaks loose and the dead begin to rise, a father must get to his ex-wife and children before they are eaten alive by flesh eating corpses.

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