Kampy Komix Silly Superhero Spoofs


Kampy Komix are Silly Superhero Spoofs from the Golden to Silver Age of Comics!

Dan Gordon, Frank Thomas, Otto Binder, Fred Ottenheimer, Charles Voight, Dan Gordon, Bernard Baily, C.C. Beck

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 84

The H-Bum is an amalgamation of all comic book tropes, Captain Milksop is granted the abilities of several comics characters, Mussel-Man has wardrobe malfunctions, Hank and Lank transform into the Sooper Sweeps, Doctor Vampire makes a house call, a cartoonist becomes The Spook, Fatman grounds jet thieves, Marvin the Great gets his powers from a magic book, and Captain Wizard meets Baldy Bean

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