Journey Of Bravery #1


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Hisashi and Katsu are ferociously battling in a distant land. Meanwhile, the story cuts back to a not so distant childhood when they were not friends, but brothers enjoying manga, making booby jokes, and growing up…together!

This story follows the unconventional lives of Hisashi and Katsu, two friends turned brutal enemies. Hisashi, born in the east regions of Japan, has a pretty eventful childhood. With his mother passing away from cancer when Hisashi was 13 life seems pretty mundane and apathetic. Hisashi’s father, having had a difficult time dealing with the death of his wife, turned to alcohol and began physically and mentally abusing Hisashi. Hisashi used Anime and Manga as a way to deal with trouble in his life. Only in meeting Katsu would Hisashi finally start to feel a bit of relief from a tumultuous life. Katsu too grew up with a troubled childhood. Raised by a single mother, along with his mentally and physically challenged brother Hiro, Katsu never knew his father. After being walked out on by his father when he was five Katsu, as a child, would get into fights and would blame the world for his problems and circumstances that is until he met his mentor Gantz. Gantz shows Katsu that life isn’t so bad by introducing a young Katsu to Anime. Combined with the teachings of Etsuko, a cat warrior from the distant planet known as Hengen Raid, he uses Anime as a personal and secretive code to over come challenges while he does his best to protect his friends and loved ones from local threats of violence. Hisashi, being his best friend, uses this same code of living.

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