Johnny Bats Vampire Dick # 1


Nueva Vida, a city-state carved out of the eastern United States and home to vampires from across the country. Divided into boroughs that are centered around different time-periods in the country’s history, Nueva Vida’s town devoted to the 1940’s is called The Noir District. It just so happens to be the workplace of a certain private detective, one Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick!

John M. Waller Sewell, Giovanni Frada, Travis Perkins

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

What It's About

Collecting the indy smash debut of Johnny Bats and Nueva Vida from Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things #s 2 and 3, Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick # 1 sets the stage for a highly tenuous political environment between Barons of various boroughs. But all Johnny Bats is concerned about is finding a missing girl for her parents, finding Arleen Arnasse, and maybe finding a drink along the way too. Get in on the ground floor of what’s been called a “new/interesting mythos”!

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