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	Joe Corrao

John L. Sullivan #7


Boston Strong Boy In Space

John L. Sullivan heads back to the ring, this time against a big rough house fighter who while not having subtlety has a scaly hide that’s as bad as a punch.

Joe Corrao

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

This time John L. Sullivan has a strategy though. Going against his usually tactic of throwing caution to the wind and slugging it out he and Buque have concocted a plan that relies on restraint, patience and cunning. Mrex tries to under mind the plan and drive a wedge between the fighter and trainer and their budding friendship. He doesn”t like not being in total control and would sabotage his own investments to get his way.

The mostly fictional story of John L. Sullivan, The Boston Strong Boy, and 1st recognized Heavyweight Boxing Champ. After displaying his fighting prowess, John L is persuaded to leave the comfy confines of Boston to try his luck in pursuit of a championship that stretches the galaxies. The offer is too good to pass up for someone who thrives on being the best. Along the way, he takes some lumps, pisses off some people, makes some friends, learns a few new fighting tricks and kicks some inter-galactic butt.

Format Clear
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