John Aman Amazing Man #2


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Gallant Comics

2 reviews for John Aman Amazing Man #2

  1. Fredrick Crosby (verified owner)

    The first two issues of this series are great! Both the artwork and the writing have an old school feel. It’s nice to see these unsung golden age characters getting a fresh look. I can’t recommend these books enough!

  2. Evan Quiring (verified owner)

    I’m really digging’ this series! No, scratch that, I am addicted to this series! Issue #2 was a really good read and I want more more! Once again, Mr. Gregory and Mr. Butler have more than delivered the goods with great story, characterization and artwork.

    In addition to the the title character, many other golden age, public domain characters have been brought into the Gallant Comics Universe – last issue we got Dr. Vampire, The Black Angel (sans costume) and The Hooded Horseman. This issue, we’re introduced to Miss Masque and the freakin’ Golden Age Blue Beetle!! (I’m a fan of both the Dan Garret and Ted Kord versions.)

    I’d also like to note, Miss Masque has the best lines in this issue and that made me laugh out loud.
    “You know you’re pretty uptight for a guy raised by Buddhist Monks.”
    I think she’s starting to become my favourite supporting character in this book!

    Once again, a damn good read accompanied by excellent artwork. I anxiously await issue #3 in the mail.

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