Jetstream 2015



Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 60

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SteamKat: ​Lady Kat is the greatest thief that has ever walked the foggy streets of New London. She has never been caught in any of her crimes of theft. But now Inspector Oschild is on the police force and is determined to bring her to justice. Blues Drive: Harai Altos has been imprisoned since birth, and the only glimmer of hope he has is the Blood and Steel Arena. Now, he fights for his freedom in the giant mecha, Blues Drive. Quiet Cosmos: A scorned scientist launches a space probe containing rock music into the universe where it lands on an alien planet and causes catastrophic consequences.​ Julie & The Crayola Colossus!: Julie’ crayon creates a monstrosity she must deal with before it destroys the city. Sanctum: Siris is a Dayform, created solely to kill. But what happens when a Dayform refuses his programming? Chaos!

The inaugural issue of Jetstream is a random sampling of complete short stories that began as a university project.

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