Jeff & Taylor Vol. 1


Jose F. Mojica

Manga Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 182

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What It's About

In this very first volume of Jeff & Taylor: Jeff and Taylor buy a video game console, the G-Station. However, it happens to be an evil robot that kills when it doesn”t get its way. On another day, they meet four busty high school girls who challenge them to a car race at the junkyard. Lastly, Jeff and Taylor meet this sad girl named Bloo, who thinks the world is a cruel, cold place full of mean people wanting to sabotage her. All this is just the beginning of the crazy lives of two friends: Jeff & Taylor.

A comic series about two 14-year-old boys on misadventures in their hometown of Summerville. Everyday they meet strange people (sometimes robots and monsters), getting into strange inconveniences, and sometimes landing into supernatural predicaments. It’s a great story for readers of all ages.

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