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Jeff & Taylor Vol. 4

Jose F. Mojica

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 210

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Jeff and Taylor tell Maria and her friends an epic bedtime story of Ancient Greece! And it stars our favorite J&T characters in it. On another day, Jeff accidentally makes an evil clone of himself. He”s pale, ruthless, and loves to raise hell! How will the boys stop him? Lastly, Team Starhammer makes another appearance. So Jeff and Taylor have to team up with a young ninja to see what the crime organization is up to.

A comic series about two 14-year-old boys on misadventures in their hometown of Summerville. Everyday they meet strange people (sometimes robots and monsters), getting into strange inconveniences, and sometimes landing into supernatural predicaments. It”s a great story for readers of all ages.



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