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Jeff & Taylor Quickies #1


Jose F. Mojica

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 112

What It's About

Explosions! Cute girls! Strawmen! These are the things that make Summerville a great and bizarre place to be. These are the tiny events that happened in-between Jeff and Taylor”s big adventures. Get to know their friends a little better as you laugh hysterically at their misfortunes. This is Summerville”s love letter to you, dear reader! If you find yourself swoon over Summerville”s weird charms, then stay and become a fellow screwball! You”re sure to have a BIG TIME!

A comic series about two 14-year-old boys on misadventures in their hometown of Summerville. Everyday they meet strange people (sometimes robots and monsters), getting into strange inconveniences, and sometimes landing into supernatural predicaments. It”s a great story for readers of all ages.

Format Clear
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