Jack Cannon #1


Jack Cannon is your average homeschooled teenager: he does well in his studies, he wants to hang out with kids his own age, and his mother has taught him several different forms of hand to hand combat. And hooray! His parents have finally given in and enrolled him into a public school! There’s no way anything could go wrong!

James Anderson

Standard Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 154

What It's About

It’s the first day at a public school! That in itself is an incredible adventure for Jack Cannon! Unfortunately for him, it was the beginning of not only a lackluster education but like, totally crazy action stuff that he was so not ready for. He gets into just one little fight and all of a sudden all these different people want him dead! Can Jack survive the murder attempts from a group known only as the hackers, people who seem to be able to bend reality to their very will?! Will he ever make actual friends? Also, what”s with this Max Facepuncher guy? Who calls their kid that?

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