Icebox #1


Mark McCracken, Jim Sullivan

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

What It's About

After her boyfriend was killed in a random act of violence, Icebox took a secretive leave of absence, during which she ended up becoming a vigilante to tackle the crime that her team constantly overlooks. She”s changed her appearance, her attitude, her goals… she isn”t sure how she can go back to the way she was, or if she even wants to anymore!

Icebox is the leader of a government-run team of mutant superheroes. She is the backbone of the team, their moral base, and their constant motivator. It was recently discovered by one member, Shadow, that Icebox had been replaced by a shapeshifter, Metaphormer. The team would certainly crumble without her at the helm, but where the heck is she, and why?

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