Humants #2


The Herald, Magistar, and Man Ark must enter into deadly battle with Megeddon, the Dark Lord of the Hecati and his chief servant, the powerhouse called Devastax!

Freazie White, Jr., Mark Poe, Nathan Massengill

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

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What It's About

Their goal: no less than total world destruction! Krystal McCliston, investigative reporter, tries to capture the action on video while dodging falling debris. She later comfronts a new villain: The Tower! Janeta Rosebud meets Omni Spawn and things will never again be the same!

So, what is “Humants”, anyway? Humants, first of all, are by no means mutants by another name, an intrinsic concept in and of itself. No, in fact “Humants”, the series, is about a loose-knit band of characters from diverse walks of life who have been summoned to partake of an incredible power called Khosmotic. This enigmatic force re-creates its chosen, not mutates, and gradually conforms them into its own image. Thus it’s chosen become Khosmotic Warriors. They are the appointed of the Khosmotic Conjunction. It is therefore by this mysterious power that those chosen are appointed the task of combating the works of a malevolent force that has, through human tampering, been given both incarnation and access into our reality. This evil bears the name Mageddon, and it is itself the spoiler of dimensional integrity. The conflict is on and the catch is that Mageddon also possesses the ability to “re-create” from humanity Humants himself. Albeit Mageddon”s creatures, unlike the valiant Khosmotic Warriors, are as is the characteristic of their “maker”- renegade! Consequently, every super-powered person in theLegacy Universe for the most part is either Humant or Renegade Humant.

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