High Treason League


Kaja is a girl from a small village that is under the thumb of an oppressive baron. Though blessed with unnatural physical strength, she nonetheless is powerless to change her fate until a hot-headed warrior named Trell comes to town seeking a legendary artifact. The two decide to unite to achieve their goals, but the baron has warriors of his own that stand in their way.

Web Bleynat, L’Vaughn Mason 

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 56

Five hundred years ago the World King united Ronaria with the strength of his fists and ushered in centuries of peace. However, the king sabotaged this peace when he inexplicably decreed that nobility should be decided by right of combat rather than by birth. Now the world’s strongest warriors are banding together into High Treason Leagues, and are fighting each other to win land, power and, ultimately, the throne of the World King. Within this war-torn world, a scrappy and fiery-tempered boy named Trell and kindhearted powerhouse of a girl named Kaja team up to protect what they love in the only way they know how, by battling their way to the top!

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