Heroic Tales #1


Sebastian Piccione,Nelson Ortega,Kevin Little

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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Issue #1 features two stories. CONVERSION in “Up at Bat” by (W) Sebastian Piccione, (A) Nelson Ortega, and (L) Matt Grant. Conversion has the power to convert solid objects into their kinetic energy, which he can store and further convert into Potential Energy. He’s not sure about going public. Brickbat is an angry gargoyle who crashes a Major League Baseball game. He’s looking for a fight. Things get ugly. THE UNITED SUPER AMERICANS in “Playing Hero Part I” (W) Sebastian Piccione (A) Kevin Little (L) Matt Grant When The Expatriot and his army of Dissidents attack a crowded shopping mall it’s up to America, The Beautiful; Mountain Majesty; Spacious Skies; Amber Waves; and Shining Sea…collectively known as The United Super Americans…to save the day!

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