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Heroes Unleashed #1

(6 customer reviews)

Jay Piscopo

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

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Heroes unleashed is an anthology featuring new characters and old keeping the spark of the golden age alive!


6 reviews for Heroes Unleashed #1

  1. maxtraver (verified owner)

    This is 44 pages of pure, unadulterated comic book fun. There are several stories between the covers here, featuring a wide variety of Golden Age characters in all-new adventures. Jay Piscopo and Rogue Planet keep things classic, but in a fresh and modern way.

  2. ChuckSmash (verified owner)

    I purchased a digital copy of Heroes Unleashed and I just finished reading it. It was a really fun.

    I definitely enjoyed the Manowar story and of course, the awesome Sword of the Blue Scarab story as well. The Shiva99 story is a classic and I totally LOL at the hilarious dialogue throughout, especially at the classic villain dialogue of Korrggah, the Galaxy Beast.

    The issue is filled with interesting heroes and villains, cool character designs, plus informative narration and witty banter.

    Also, I’m hoping to see more of the The H.O.R.R.O.R. Agents in the future, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue.

    Heroes Unleashed #1 ROCKS!!!

  3. Gerald Saracco (verified owner)

    Great anthology featuring original and public domain characters. It’s hard to pick a favorite, as they’re all good features.

    I’m really interested in seeing more of the Blue Scarab character, as there are different incarnations in different time periods.

    Great start to a new series!

  4. spirieshepherd (verified owner)

    Tremendous use of public domain characters. They are given new life, with great origin stories and cool art. Highly recommended.

  5. Christopher Watts (verified owner)

    Jays’ fantastic art and even more vivid ideas spring to life in this book. a must read by anyone that enjoys public domain super-heroes in particular or super-heroes in general. Jay’s talent for turning comic book tropes and cliches on their head is in full display. Highly recommended reading.

  6. Pat Casey (verified owner)

    Jay Piscopo’s storytelling is always on point. He can change his art style to fit the mood and historical “time” of each tale he crafts. I’ve been a huge fan of his work since I first encountered The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli and the same holds true in this issue. I really like Jay’s take on the Blue Scarab who is ready to have his adventures throughout history be told on a grand scale! Hoping to read a second issue ASAP please!

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