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Hells Hands #1

Luis F. Cabrera, Kyle Bitner

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 12

Hells Hands #1 opens this epic story of good and evil in the old west. Eleazar and Amicus are on the trail of a particularly gruesome demon shortly after the American Civil War in rural New Mexico. Eleazar finds himself an immortal who must act as God”s hand on Earth for eternity. With the powers of Hell forever attempting to control Earth; it is up to Eleazar and his trusty Hellhound Amicus to stop them. Eleazar is forever in service to a God that gave him a gift and a curse. Not knowing if he will ever see an afterlife, following signs from God himself, and not knowing any fear; Eleazar must hunt and kill history”s most evil demons. Will Eleazar”s eternity of servitude to Heaven pay off in the end, or is he just a pawn in this cosmic war of good and evil?



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