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Hell Paso #4

The Story Of Dallas Stoudenmire

Jaime “Jimmy” Portillo, Arturo Delgado Molina, Daniel Morales Olvera

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24


“The Story Of Dallas Stoudenmire #4 Of 6” Things are getting rowdier in El Paso. Another Manning moves into the city. Dallas Stoudenmire and James Gillett are injured. Stoudenmire’s brother-in-law, Samuel “Doc” Cummings, assumes his duties while they recuperate. Find out if Cummings handle the Mannings alone.

You’ve heard of famous Western lawmen such as Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett, and Wild Bill Hickok. Now discover the El Paso marshal named Dallas Stoudenmire, the one man who had the courage to tame the most violent city in the Wild West. Read the greatest western time has forgotten, and learn why the city earned its nickname: Hell Paso. Hell Paso: The Story of Dallas Stoudenmire is a six issue limited series based on actual events from El Paso’s Wild West history.

*Recipient of a prestigious grant from the Wild West History Association



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