Halloween Man Hallowtide


Is it slaughter or sacrifice? It’s “gaslight” meets “ray gun” gothic as folklore from the Victorian age comes to deadly life in the futuristic streets of Solar City. During the Halloween season, something is prowling the rooftops and back alleys murdering people. Something with a fiendish plan known only to itself.

Drew Edwards, Luis Inzunza, April Guadiana

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 60

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What It's About

PRAISE FOR HALLOWEEN MAN: HALLOWTIDE ” If you’re a Neil Gaiman fan, you’ll eat this up like the titular hero devours monsters. ” — Matt Morrison of kabooooom.com “

April Guadiana’s coloring perfectly compliments Lucho Inzuna’s art style. This dynamic duo furthers Edward’s narrative and gives readers something to look forward to.” — LEIJAH PETELKA OF COMICSVERSE.COM

(Solomon Hitch, Halloween Man has faced many strange enemies. But none will cut as deeply as Spring-Heeled Jack, the demon of Hallowtide. Like our hero, this monster once was a man. in exploring Jack’s origins, Solomon will be faced with a being whose purpose is a warped mirror image of his own, The collected Hallowtide, features the entire mini-series, character designs from art Luchito Inzunza. and an all-new intr0 from noted author David Bowles.

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