Halloween Man: Cry Havoc!


Drew Edwards, Sergio Calvet, Russell Hillman

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

What It's About

It’s the undead vs. the under-sized as Solomon takes on the rampaging King of the Dwarves! Can Solar City survive an full-scale invasion from this mythical beings? And it’s just what is up with all of the gorillas? This one-shot adventure is mixes spooky thrills with silver age fun. Halloween Man is a 21st Century Beauty and the Beast story that brings together the most amazing aspects of horror, superheroes, and science fiction. Meet Solomon Hitch, the Halloween Man himself – a misunderstood monster with the power of the horror movie sequel, a heart of gold, and a taste for living flesh – and his lady love Lucy Chaplin, the world’s most glamorous mad scientist. With his friends by his side, he just might smash evil, save the world – and maybe even save his soul!
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