Gridcurrent #2


Dan Biesel, Steve Siewert

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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“UNWELCOME GUESTS PT. 2″ Chaos has found its way inside Dr. Alec Grant”s secret facility on Delta 5 in the form of three intruders hired by his own employer, Rising Sun Corporation. The intruders” purpose: to steal his project and all the data files belonging to it. Alec has been wounded in an attack by the vile Grell and awaits medical assistance from his daughter, Betty, in order to escape. En route to the medical supplies, Betty has been captured during a confrontation with one of the intruders known as the Slug. Unfortunately for the intruders, Alec”s secret project has been activated by Betty. Despite being named Mr. Snackpants, this Autodrudge is a monster designed to be feared.

Betty wants to see the cosmos and is more than dangerous enough for a little girl. Getting off the planet she’s on may prove deadly.

Format Clear
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