Greenbrook: Our House, His Home #1


The Southerland family moved to the small, quiet town of Greenbrook to escape the vices the city offered so readily. What they didn’t know was that their new house has a history. A history of murder and pain brought on by local legend Jessie Tines. But it’s just a story, right? One thing’s for sure… the basement door is locked. And the man living there knows why.

Shawn Gabborin, Quinne Larsen

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

What It's About

“GREENBROOK: OUR HOUSE, HIS HOME” is part of the cross promotional project GREENBROOK set up between indie publishers Angry Gnome Comics, PKD Media, Alliance Art Comics, Space Monkey Comics and Worshop 13/Poverty Row Comics. Each creative team worked from the same basic plot and character list to build their own unique story. Genre, location, time-period, character gender/age/relationships all up for interpretation. 
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