Golgotha Vol.1

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CK ROUCH (Carter Kellen Rouch)

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 112

What It's About

It’s been four years since the transfiguration(Rapture) happened and Ashford has made a decent living as a private investigator in the subterranean realm of private investigation. Currently dealing with a missing child case that seems to have some affiliation with the turmoil of his past. Contains the first four chapters of Golgotha Tenement Blues. 112 pages. Other than the passing of a close family member. Ashford Krouft’s life was on the road to a successful career in Homicide. Then the transfiguration happened. Follow our protagonists as they waltz through a dark reality, dealing with the everyday life of human beings(now transfigured) in a time of tribulation and forty some odd years of darkness. Trying to keep the flashlight on as they trek through a living hell on earth. Horror Noir and quality occult innuendo abound. Sam Spade meets Dante’s Inferno.

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1 review for Golgotha Vol.1

  1. JacobyM (verified owner)

    Great, captivating story with equally chilling visuals. A steal for anyone interested in gritty noir detective stories.

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