Girl! #6


Mark McCracken, Grafa Design

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

What It's About


Super-size Stand-Alone Story: “The Target’s On -Girl!” Julie gets a new job as an overnight stock clerk at a certain major retailer, with high hopes she can make it through the night without one of her “sisters” taking over her body, or at least hoping her co-workers are too tired to notice. But things take a turn for the worse.

Julie, Fiona, and Kelly Turner. Three very different girls, with three very different lives, and three very different attitudes. All sharing the same body. Origin and history a mystery, somehow this split personality actually shapeshifts into her other selves and has no control over said split. They use their varying superpowers of unknown origin to fight crime as the enigmatic -Girl!, while struggling to get through their day to day personal lives, pretending to be sisters.

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