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Fungus Grotto #4


Finally, Vielle reaches Mushroom-Rock! But the mysterious 'Apple-boy' is nowhere to be found. “Now what do I do?” Vielle wonders. With night fast approaching, and her Nickleberry in hand, she starts to make her way to the town not far on the horizon. Too focused on her destination ahead, and fails to notice the sinister shadows creeping up behind her…

Ms,Shatia Hamilton

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

Vielle is like any normal 17 year old girl with dreams, goals, and aspirations. On the eve of leaving home to step into her future she finds she's not quite ready to go. Torn between 'out there' and 'comfort' Vielle takes a moment to daydream… Just dream… And she thought going out into the real world would be hard.

Format Clear
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