From The Heart #4


Althea Keaton

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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The fourth issue of From the Heart comics features four short comics: Mus, Tuna Fish, Track Meet (part 2), and Cats VS Comfy Chair. Mus is a silent comic that explores a night in the life of an owl-headed creature with the heart of a mouse. Tuna Fish is a one-page comic about one of the many ways in which I miss having a cat around the house. Track Meet (part 2) concludes the story of a runner caught up in her solitary routine and the person who helps her break out of it. Part 1 is in Issue #3, but there’ a recap in Issue #4 to bring you up to speed. Cats VS Comfy Chair is a true story of one of the many misadventures of my parents’ cats. Track Meet (part 1) is the first half of a story about a runner caught up in her routine and the person who tries to break her out of it.

The “From the Heart” comics series collects various short comics by writer/artist Althea Keaton. Most of these short stories are of the “slice of life” variety, focusing on characters, events, and moments that have a true to life feel, though some stories venture into stranger territories. What unites these stories? Quality art and quality writing that comes straight from the heart.

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