Friend Of Dorothy #1


Brian Andersen, Neftali Centeno, Falecia Woods

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What It's About

Visited by a sexy, shirtless Gorlindo the Good Witch, some evil, soul-eating Scrows (scarecrows), and a smarty-pants, rude dog named Dodo, Scott-John of Earth must accept the mantel of the “Friend of Dorothy,” Oz’s first every superhero champion, and save the world. No pressure or anything! Gorlindo (the male version of Glinda), Scrows (evil, soul-sucking scarecrows) and a sad teenage boy (Scott-John of Earth) Oh My! If you love the “Wizard of Oz,” if you adored “Wicked,” then you’re sure to be a huge fan of “Friend of Dorothy.” “Friend of Dorothy” is a fast-paced, totally new and completely original take on all your favorite Oz-ian characters, only with a modern, exciting twist. Pick up and enjoy this incredible comic about the world’s first Oz-ian inspired Superhero!
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