Frankenaut #1


The Aldranians have kept a tight lid on their latest project, but the time has finally come for its illustrious debut in the Hypodrome coliseum. The seats are packed with aliens from across the universe and now it’s time for battle! How will Frankenaut and the rest of the testers fair in a gladiator-like battle with the galaxy’s newest weapon?

John Osborne, Zeb Hatfield

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What It's About

The Nexus Conglomerate proudly welcomes you to the Hypodrome – an intergalactic cruise liner and megalithic coliseum wrapped in one luxurious alien package! Let out your inner fangirl as you cheer along Frankenaut, the best tester in the galaxy. Frank battles his way across vicious planets and through exotic challenges with all the grace of a professional wrestler and the heart of an easy-going beach bum.

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