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Flying Under The Influence #6

Dariel, an angel whose propensity for ambrosia leads to his expulsion from Heaven, is cast down to Earth. Confused, Dariel explores the strange world of mortals only to discover a substitute for ambrosia–alcohol.

Devin Dion

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

After a long, treacherous journey through Hell, Dariel finally faced Lucifer. Instead of getting a chance to battle him, the fallen angel slipped away. Humiliated after getting so far, Dariel returned to Heaven and admitted to his brother Gabriel he lost their bet. Per their agreement, Dariel was demoted to a guardian angel. Gabriel, feeling generous, opted to make Dariel the guardian angel of Sam”s little brother, Mark. When Sam left for another party, Mark proved to be quite a handful and even convinced Dariel the Boogey Man was real. Shortly after the Boogey Man appeared and attempted to warn Dariel of impending doom.



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