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Flying Under The Influence #5

Dariel, an angel whose propensity for ambrosia leads to his expulsion from Heaven, is cast down to Earth. Confused, Dariel explores the strange world of mortals only to discover a substitute for ambrosia–alcohol.

Devin Dion

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

Captured by the Furies, Dante narrowly escapes when Dariel uses Medusa”s head to petrify them. With the help of Chiron, they cross the blood river Phlegethon. They travel further down the Lower Circles through the Wood of Suicides and Burning Sands until arriving in the Eighth Circle. There, Dariel and Dante meet an old adversary, Malacoda, who does not make their journey easy. With demons in pursuit, they make their way to the deepest circle of the pit to find Satan may not be what he seems.



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