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Flying Under The Influence #4

Dariel has geared up for the greatest adventure of his existence: to slay Satan. After making a bet with his brother Gabriel, Dariel has descended the Upper Circles of Hell. The epic poet, Dante, has been sent by Gabriel as a guide. They have carefully traversed from Limbo down into the City of Dis in the Sixth Circle. There, Dariel encounters a band of fallen angels looking for trouble. Amid the scuffle, they attract the attention of the Furies who have captured Dante.

Devin Dion

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

Flying Under the Influence is the saga of Dariel, an angel whose propensity for ambrosia leads to his expulsion from Heaven. Cast down to Earth and confused, Dariel explores the strange world of mortals only to discover a substitute for ambrosia: alcohol.



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