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Flying Under The Influence #3

While still grasping the unusual customs of Earth, Dariel and Sam go to an underage party. There Dariel is introduced to alcohol and quickly overindulges. As Officers Adams and Miller arrive, most of the teens scatter including Sam. Dariel is arrested for not presenting identification and being unable to make bail, he spends in the night in the drunk tank. His sentence in the following morning is to attend Alcoholics Anonymous. His sponsor, Betty, suggests he return home for answers. He arrives in Heaven after being hit by a plane only to find his brother Gabriel furious with him. When Dariel bolsters he could slay Satan, Gabriel makes a bet that he can’t and he will be demoted to a guardian angel if he fails.

Devin Dion

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

Flying Under the Influence is the saga of Dariel, an angel whose propensity for ambrosia leads to his expulsion from Heaven. Cast down to Earth and confused, Dariel explores the strange world of mortals only to discover a substitute for ambrosia: alcohol.



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