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Floating Bunnyhead #1

Jonathan Sims

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

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Floating BunnyHead, the disembodied cartoon rabbit noggin, Armless Bear, the massively magenta ursine amputee, Slicey, the piping hot piece of pizza, and Raptoro, the Saturday morning cartoon Piñatasaurus, have just won a trip to Westland: a Wild West theme park populated by robotic cowboys. Instead of spending their vacation guzzling whiskey, shooting robot bandits in the head, and getting to know the dance-hall-girlbots, the boys will have to find out why everything has gone haywire and unmask the shadowy figure lurking behind the scenes.

Floating BunnyHead stars a quartet of eccentric cartoon characters with an uncanny knack for making new enemies wherever they go. It”s subject matter is somewhere between Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the Ninja Turtles. The book contains some alcohol use, blood, and violence in the book so it is not recommended for younger readers.



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